Yong Yoga: why these words define our journey

By suhock@yongyoga.asia on December 23, 2020

Yong Yoga: why these words define our journey

By suhock@yongyoga.asia on December 23, 2020

The most common question I have been getting is why choose the words Yong Yoga when I am starting out on this new pathway? The answer is actually fairly simple and serendipitous.

The Chinese character (Yong) has in modern times been associated with perhaps one third of its original meaning i.e. being ordinary, common and un-outstanding. And hence there is no lack of negative connotations to most mandarin-speaking peoples about this word…

Why do we blindly desire to be extraordinary in all things?

What we do defines us, not who we are

However the word also means to be contented, to be balanced, to not “stick-out”, to seek the middle way. Why are these meanings or qualities important in today’s loud and noisy digital “me, me, me” world?

  • In traditional Chinese philosophy,中庸之道 or The Doctrine of the Mean is a text rich with symbolism and guidance to perfecting oneself. the goal of the mean is to maintain balance and harmony from directing the mind to a state of constant equilibrium. The person who follows the mean is on a path of duty and must never leave it. A superior person is cautious, a gentle teacher and shows no contempt for his or her inferiors. S/he always does what is natural according to her or his status in the world. The Doctrine of the Mean represents moderation, rectitude, objectivity, sincerity, honesty and propriety.[The guiding principle is that one should never act in excess
  • In Taoism, there is a well-known saying “物极必反” which means “when things reach an extreme, the reverse is nigh”. This echoes Einstein’s famous “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”
  • In Buddhism, Buddha espouses the Middle Path towards self-realisation and awakening. When he followed the extremes of materalism as a prince, and then ascetism for 6years, he did not find the enlightenment as either the body or mind was too distracted. Only the middle path of moderation is conducive
  • In Yoga, the sutras teach the Union of One-Self with the Divine-Self. If One-Self (us) is so pre-occupied to being different and nurturing our own EGO, what space is there for the Divine. Yoga in this sense is just pain pursuit
  • Pursuit of self aggrandizement & self promotion inflates the self and “ego”, leading to more stress, pressures, and a further step away from our true inner nature. In craving uniqueness and attention, many extreme things has been done both online and in the physical world

So the wisdom of the sages, regardless of ethnic or cultural background tends to point us towards a middle path of moderation and balance.

Being (extra)ordinary might well be the optimal path in life…

Interestingly the character 庸Yong (pronounced first tone) also sounds like 勇Yong (third tone)

in Chinese means courage, strength, bravery

  • it takes courage to want to be ordinary
  • it takes strength to move away from extremes, back towards moderation
  • indeed, brave is s/he whom chooses to be (extra)ordinary

At Yong Yoga, we aspire to help each of us discover our inner self better and seek our optimal balance. Perhaps in moderation, we will all better find our true nature in yoga and life.

Let me know if you agree!

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