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Aged Liu Bao Tea 六堡茶

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Liu Bao tea is a kind of Chinese dark tea produced in the Guangxi Province of China. In the early Qing Dynasty (1636-1912), Liu Bao tea was already flourishing. For hundreds of years, Liu Bao tea has been used in the form of medicine. The Chinese uses Liu Bao tea to treat dysentery and dispel dampness in the body. Up till today, this traditional habit has been maintained.

New Liu Bao tea are usually stored and aged for a few years to become more flavourful. The more aged the Liu Bao tea, the more valuable it is, just like aged wine.

Scientific experiments have proved that Liu Bao tea contains not only a variety of essentials such as amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements, but also more lipid-decomposing enzymes than other kinds of tea. Therefore, Liu Bao Tea has a stronger effect of decomposing greasy substances, reducing fat compounds, cholesterol, and triglyceride. Long-term drinking of Liu Bao tea can lose weight, improve the stomach and nourish the body.

During the 1920’s when Ipoh, Malaysia was a fast-growing mining city, Liu Bao tea and the tin mining industry were already closely associated.  To escape a long period of war in China, ships with refugees arrived in Malaysia to find jobs in the local tin mines. These migrants work as miners in Ipoh and usually stood in the river barefooted under a blazing sun all day long. In order to adopt to the extreme weather, moist working environment and long working hours, many Chinese miners had a need for tea.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, tea is usually cold in nature; and yet Liu Bao tea is actually mild. It has the amazing ability to be cold or hot as needed. In addition to the basic health benefits it shares with all tea, Liu Bao tea is special because it can dispel dampness and heat, soothe the lungs, cool the body down, and flush out excess Qi. As a result, Liu Bao tea was perfect for the miners who worked in Malaysia.

It is said that when mines placed ads to recruit miners, the Chinese would choose the mine with complimentary Liu Bao tea. There are also instances of miners refusing to work at mines that didn’t provide Liu Bao tea.

Yi Xuan Liu Bao tea is a 20 years aged tea which was well kept in the South East Asia environment. The aged leaves of this tea is not harsh on the stomach and is therefore suitable for drinking during any time of the day.

Each item shipped will contain 10packets of 5g each for a total of 50g of the tea.



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