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Aged Pu’er Ripe Tea 普洱熟茶

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普洱熟茶 Pu’er Ripe Tea

Pu’er tea is produced from the Yunnan province of China. Yunnan is a mountainous region with only a small percentage of farmable land. Despite this, Yunnan province is renowned for producing Pu’er tea. The Yunnan province shares a border with Tibet, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, as well as three neighbouring Chinese provinces: Guangxi, Guizhou and Sichuan. The strategic location of the Yunnan province, with its proximity to many borders, developed and supported a flourishing trade of Pu’er tea.

Pu’er tea is divided into two category: “Ripe” or “Raw,” depending on the different fermentation processes used, the unique sensory characteristics, and their chemical composition. Ripe Pu’er tea is a microbial post-fermented tea made from raw Pu’er tea. Over time and throughout post-fermentation, microbes improve the quality of the Pu’er tea. Ripe Pu’er processing mimics the aging process of Raw Pu’er in a short 45-day span. The step is known as Wo Dui and it involves pile fermentation of the loose leaf in extremely humid conditions. The first ripe Pu’er tea was successfully invented by Kunming Tea Factory in 1975.
In the 1950s, after the Second World War. Hong Kong experienced a sudden spike in demand for Pu’er tea, possibly attributable to the significant increase of mainland refugees, those accustomed to drinking Pu’er tea.

Many people drink Pu’er tea because it not only provides the health benefits of tea but also those of fermented food. Pu’er is unique in the world of tea as the leaves are fermented, which provides the health benefits of both tea and fermented food. Pu Erh tea is rich in flavour, with a deep, earthy and sweet taste.

Some benefits of Pu’er tea are:
1. Increase energy level & focus
2. Lower cholesterol & promote healthy heart
3. Regulate blood sugar level
4. Prevent growth of cancer cells
5. Boost liver health
6. Protect bone health

Yi Xuan’s ripe Pu’er tea is a 10+ years aged tea from Kunming tea factory and was well kept in the South East Asia environment. The aged leaves of this tea is not harsh on the stomach and is therefore suitable for drinking during any time of the day.



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