Founding Philosophy

Breathe Better Always

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We are a boutique yoga and mindfulness practice which seeks to re-engage our practitioners with traditional Yoga and Qigong practices and their proven benefits.

We focus on breathing awareness, use progressive and safe practice which is accessible to all, and conduct our sessions in simple, non-distracting environments both physical and virtual.

We aim to create a joyous and harmonious contemporary life filled with more moments of calmโ€ฆ. One Sequence, One Asana (pose), One mindful Breath at a time

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Y Yong Yoga

Y Yong Yoga

Why practice with us

– We are very serious about Safety in Yoga, including physical and emotional safety of our students & practitioners by factoring your medical and physiological conditions. Safety also extends to non-harassment teaching and no-contact pose corrections (by male teachers, unless explicitly requested by students)

– We believe in Progressive practice. We build upon foundations of previous practice, and through consistent progressive add-ons, nurture each studentโ€™s journey on this life-long learning journey

– We maintain all necessary local permit requirements needed to conduct outdoor sessions and classes in parks and nature areas as mandated by NParks and relevant authorities

– We are a local incorporated private limited business with ACRA which protects your rights as a consumer

With safety, privacy and progressive practice, Yongis can navigate and explore your Yoga pathway in your own unique ways.


Promoting Balance

We curate an authentic experience-based and knowledge-based approach derived from reputable Yoga and Qigong lineages.

Together with the healing abilities of nature, all our practitioners (called Yongis ๐Ÿ™‚ ~ can better recalibrate the balance between body, mind and emotions for holistic wellness

Honouring Traditions

We believe that consistent practice derived from traditional lineages and sound teachings have most proven beneficial effects over time.

Besides training the physical body through asanas, we also want to cultivate mental sharpness and clarity with accurate information and discussions about Yoga and related wellness topics.

Nurturing Communities

Yoga connects people and communities. At Yong Yoga, we believe in nurturing and contributing to our immediate communities.

Whether itโ€™s developing Yongis to a calmer, deeper potential, or a practitioner to a healthier lifestyle, or helping a local brand/craftsmen/artist extend their audience reach for wellness, we believe our platform can help play a role.